Saturday, June 16, 2012

Arty Friends

When I think about some of the great writers from the annals of history, I realize that a great many had writer friends.  The same is basically true for artists of all kinds, although you always have some exceptions.  Jackson Pollack was a not-so-happy man and I'm not sure one could say he had any friends.  John Keats certainly did not have a posse with the same pedigree as the Shelleys/Byron connection of the same period.  Still, look into history and you indeed find the Shelleys and Byron, the Inklings, the great friendship between Lewis and Tolkien, and a great many other friendships, writing groups, and acquaintances that expand a writer's thoughts.

Having writer friends, or arty friends of any sort, is one of my goals in life.  I've only just developed this goal recently but it is no less of an important goal.  Thankfully I can say that I have two arty friends already, almost by chance.  Both of them will become famous within the next ten years.  To help them become famous I will tell you their names: Paul Kehrer and Alexandra Sherman.  Alexandra is the mysterious "Alexandra" that I've talked about before.  I suppose she is no longer quite so mysterious.  Many people have suggested that I get in touch with the various art circles and cliques that Boston must have and I think that's a great idea, but knowing that I am generally a shy person I also know that I am unlikely to do anything of the sort.  I will have to rely on the friends I already have.  Indeed, I am very thankful for the arty friends I already have.  They have been extremely helpful as I have made the transition from thinking I'd be a pastor in the United Methodist Church to being a full-time writer.

I'm writing about how thankful I am for my arty friends today because yesterday Alexandra agreed to transform my blog into a thing of beauty.  Granted, I think it's already almost as good-looking as I am, but I trust her to make it pretty more than I trust myself.  So by the time I post my next post I will most likely have a new design that will last forever.  When we all see its glory we can be thankful for my, and our, arty friends.

I would write more about how thankful I am for my arty friends and how, and why exactly, they have been helpful in my life, especially in the past year or so, but Joel and Megan are taking me to various Farmer's Markets in the area and I am holding up the show.  Until a later date, then!

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