Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Best Model Ever

Based on what I said yesterday, one might imagine that to successfully create an image or personality that others would be interested in listening to, it's important to have a model.  A model that you'd like to imitate in all things, though with your own unique awesomeness.  I already have unique awesomeness, though, so I just need to find a model that will bring me great success.

My model is Hank Moody from the Showtime series, Californication, played by David Duchovny.  The show is pretty friggin hilarious and you should definitely watch it.  Anyone who knows the show might know that Duchovny's character, Hank, is a famous novelist in the show.  He's also a troubled soul: cheating on his wife with a great many women in a great many situations.  For people who like that type of thing, he's quite the "playa," as the younguns say nowadays.  Yet no matter how often he cheats on his wife, he always hates himself for it because he loves his wife and young daughter and thus also hates upsetting them or in any way making their life harder.  What I love about his character is that he's a great guy that constantly makes enormous mistakes, he struggled to become famous (though he did become famous, that's key), and always approaches life with a calm passion.  All things that I want in my life.

You might think it's strange that I want to imitate someone who makes enormous mistakes.  Still, any writer can relate at least somewhat to Hank's journey because his mistakes are what deepen his writing ability and calm depression with which he lives.  I won't say anymore about it, but his greatest mistake, the one which the whole show centers around, is very similar to my own greatest mistake.  And a calm depression to live life with, I think, is every writer's dream.

Honestly, I'm done with this post.  I thought it would be a lot cooler writing about Hank Moody and how much I want to be like him, but I started writing and it's simply not fun at all.  I didn't want to write three paragraphs, though, and then delete everything and not post it.  So, here's this post that is not at all interesting.  But I'll post it anyway just so that I don't have to worry about how crappy I am... strange, considering that by posting this I am simply showing people how crappy I am.  Oh well.  Tomorrow I will write something better, I promise.  I already have something in mind.  Plus, my nephews and niece will help me write tomorrow, instead of just reading over my shoulder like they are doing right now.  That means they have 24 hours to think of what I should write.  Get on it, little men and woman.

Mmkae, catch y'all later.

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