Thursday, June 21, 2012

What to Write Now?

First of all, with the changed blog landscape I wanted to point my readers to the history of the blog page to read up on the reasons why Alexandra, my great friend and blog designer, made certain design choices.  I'm quoting her e-mail to me about it, frankly because I think she's great at what she does and so you should hear her own words.

Ok, so, the depression surrounding my damaged computer is mostly gone.  Much of my fast recovery is thanks to Alexandra.  One day I will stop referencing her in my posts, but as I get started with this blog project it's hard not to mention her constantly because, essentially, she planted the idea in my head, not to mention the fact that she has metaphorically saved my life a number of times in the past few months.  I tend not to exaggerate when I say things like that, either--as literal as I can mean anything that is metaphorical, she has indeed saved my life.  In this case, she deftly reminded me that my computer is not all that important to my craft.  Yes, obviously, I need a computer to write this blog, but if worse comes to worse I can always just head down to the library anyway; and yes, I had already saved the introduction and first chapter of my book about my bike trip on my computer, but that's not the only thing that I'm writing at the moment.  Most of what I am writing at the moment does not require a computer at all because I love typewriters and I love writing by hand.  I do have a system for what I write by hand, what I write with a typewriter, and what I write with a computer, which I'll share in later posts.  For now the reminder that my computer does not mean nearly as much to me as it does to most people nowadays, even though I am a writer, saved me from a good bit of inner sorrow.

The only problem with being reminded that my computer doesn't mean a whole lot to me is that I have so much trouble deciding what to write next.  In all seriousness I have about fifty essay, story, non-fiction, and play ideas written down with outlines and accompanying ideas.  Since I am just starting out on my career path, these ideas have been piling up for years while finishing my education and thinking that I did not have the time to write.  Really, I just didn't have the motivation to write while in school.  Here I am biting at the bit to write because I have so much to write about, only to find that I am extremely indecisive.  I thought males were supposed to be decisive creatures.  Perhaps that psychological test that I took once concluding that I am 63% feminine was more accurate than I had thought.

I'm pretty sure I only have a handful of consistent readers so far.  Still, I'm going to open up to comments and hope for some reader-writer interaction.  I am heading off tomorrow for a short vacation, another one, and won't write here again until Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  You have until then to tell me what you think I should write next, obviously in conjunction with writing my 27 Million Revolutions book.  Either I'll end up with an order of what to write next to really get me going, or I'll end up with depression because no one responded to really stop me dead.  Here are your choices, my precious few readers:

-Essay uniquely re-interpreting "The first shall be last and the last shall be first";
-Essay that I will mysteriously title, "Megan's Glasses";
-Start a hopefully funny book that I will call, Seminarians Don't Blow Stuff Up!, entirely based on true events;
-A play about reaching our full potential as divine beings despite the devilish pursuit of mediocrity that surrounds us, loosely based on my favorite writer, Soren Kierkegaard;
-Begin a collection of stories honoring my lost and forgotten Puerto Rican heritage, which I will title, Mother's Stories;
-Start a non-fiction about the benefits and wonders that come with learning the history of one's town and participating with that history, which I will title, Lessons of Danforth Falls.

Those are your choices.  And apparently this website does not recognize Puerto Rican as a legitimate word.  Unbelievable.

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