Friday, July 20, 2012

Twitter and Facebook

If you've read the history page, you know that part of the reason why I started to write this blog is because my friend Alexandra convinced me that I needed to have an Internet presence.  Now I think that she's quite right, but without having actually published much of anything it's been tough-sledding and probably will continue to be as long as I refuse to publish in the next few months.

So it all comes down to you who happen to be reading this to make me feel good about myself.  Follow me on Twitter, because that's originally how I intended to have an Internet presence... and I have all of 19 followers.  It's very depressing.  You'd think that a man as charming and loveable as myself would have more followers, and you'd think that those people who have been charmed by me would have told all their friends.  Oh well.  Don't want to be on Twitter?  I don't care, do it anyway and up the number of my followers.  You can just follow me if you want and daily get my thoughts on life and what I'm doing.

Also, having before canceled my facebook account because I want to be more private and, on principle, I think facebook is disastrous to our social communities (see my post on letter-writing, though that doesn't cover everything), I am going to re-introduce myself to facebook on a professional level.  I don't know how professional facebook can be, but I will try.  Look John H.D. Lucy on facebook soon, be my friend, make me feel loved, and in doing so motivate me to be the best writer in the history of writers like we all know I can be.

Those of you who, like me, are by principle opposed to facebook and Twitter, you have a little more leeway to refuse to do what I've asked.  But a man trying to be famous has to feel like he has fans, even in the beginning. 

And if it sounds like I'm begging, well, I probably am, but I'm just trying to be funny... and also promote myself.  Generally I'm a good self-promoter, though I'm thinking of hiring an assistant who will double as my PR agent.  Anyone interested?

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