Monday, August 13, 2012


After my last post, all my darling readers should be very interested in following my reading as I go.  And by this point, I should have at least 5,000 fans following me.  I don't have that many fans, but I should, and that's what counts.  Dreams are everything, eh?

Anyway, especially since I like it so much, I figured I'd give a free advertisement to  It's probably the only networking website that I approve of.  Facebook and Twitter are used only to promote myself.  On the other hand I use Goodreads because it's fun and it's the only intellectually-based networking site that I know of.  That's where I belong: intellectually-based websites.  If you want to see what your friends are reading and, more importantly, see what I'm reading and what I think about various books, set up your free account on and find me, the great John H.D. Lucy.  I promise to review every book I read... and books that I have already read but have not reviewed, you can ask for a review and I'll give it: that's how great I am to my fans.  Ask and you shall receive, that's my policy.

As a bonus, I will also begin posting poetry, published and unpublished, on Goodreads.  Too many people have asked me to start using Goodreads as a forum for showing off a little of what I can do and have done to refuse them.  Ask and you shall receive, that's my policy, as I've said.  Accordingly, from now on, the sample writing that I will post on this blog will be essays or short stories.  So if you want to read some seriously good and image-rich poetry, you'll have to follow me on Goodreads.

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