Monday, August 6, 2012


A common theme here: self-promotion.  While surely my writing will wow publishers and audience the world wide when I begin to publish in a few months, having already established a fan base is key.  How does one do that?  Well, either you wow publishers beyond reckoning and they give you an agent who will fight demons for you, or you shamelessly promote yourself.  Because I am a cocky fellow with a giant ego--clearly, people should listen to what I have to say, clearly--and I'm not worrying about publishing for another few months, I have chosen option number two.

And so, I am back on facebook... in a professional manner.  Twitter just wasn't doing it for me, though I'll keep tweeting or whatever the heck.  Might as well.  With facebook it will be much easier to reconnect with friends who are, hopefully, already willing to give me the time of day and who, hopefully, like me enough to tell their friends about each and every riveting post here on Writing to Live or my other major blog, so that by the time I do publish with real ink and paper, hundreds of people will already be waiting anxiously for midnight releases.  If you are one of my miracle fans in Germany or Russia, or wherever, that started reading this blog without knowing who I am, find me on facebook.  We'll be great friends.

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: facebook is great and all, but I like to know when a person is my "follower" and not just some person who would say hi to me if I walked by.  As such, I am promising anyone who becomes a follower of mine on Twitter before my first book publication one free book.  The free book won't necessarily be my first book, but at some point you will get a free book with my autograph, which in time will be worth millions.  Follow me on Twitter if you want to take part in this great promotion.  We all know you want to.

(I promise a real post tomorrow)

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  1. this post succinctly describes all your therapist will need.