Monday, November 5, 2012


Saw a bunch of extremists today in front of the post office as I went to mail a package.  I talked to them for a bit because I don't like passing by people who might have something to say without giving them the time of day.  Plus, the first few arguments that came out of their mouths of why Obama should be impeached actually seemed reasonable.  Now, I don't think Obama should be impeached.  Nor do I think we should vote him out of office.  I think Romney will make a good President, sure, but Obama has proven himself to me.  Of course, I'm not voting for the presidency tomorrow at all, except for a Green Party candidate or write-in.  The point is that I like talking and arguing and discussing with people, so I stopped to chat to these folks.  I even gave them my name and phone number, because when you're out in the cold it's nice to know you're not just spewing off words to people (I once spent two hours ringing a bell for Salvation Army in below zero temperatures.  I know how terrible it can feel when people just walk right on by.  I also know how nice it can feel when someone stops to give: one person gave my partner and me on that cold night some hot chocolate... that then proceeded to freeze in a few minutes).

What's the point?  I do not believe that Obama should be impeached nor voted out of office.  I do agree with the extremists that there is a "system" more or less running politics external to the parties and politicians, as the extremists were telling me, but I do not believe that system has been hell-bent on a purposeful depopulation of the world and this country via a potential thermo-nuclear war with Russia and China.  What the frick are they thinking?  Indeed, I was rather disappointed that the reasonable foundation of these extremists' arguments turned, well, extreme.  I suppose, at the end of the day, my disappointment that reasonable, or at least well-reasoning, individuals could get so off track.

As I sat down at my desk to do my final research into all the candidates and positions that I'll be voting for tomorrow (go Scott Brown!) I find that I suddenly have the will to write again.  From the frequency of my blog posts the past two months you probably could have guessed that I had lost interest in writing.  Sure, I had finished my book, finished expanding my thesis, and finished a chapter of my novel, but since early October I've done very little other than sit around.  Lately I've been thinking there's something wrong with me.  Perhaps there is.  On Friday I up and did some work, though it was very light, and developed a plan of research for some writing for this week, but the likelihood of my following through was never very good.  Now, suddenly, having met and talked with the extremists and experiencing disappointment with them, I once again have energy, motivation, and ideas to write. 

It would appear that disappointing extremists are my secret potion.  Plan to see a lot more posts coming your way hot and steamy; I mean fast and furious.

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