Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Fame

We all knew that one day I'd become famous.  I guess it's simply happened sooner than expected.

As Oscar Wilde once said, and I paraphrase, it doesn't matter whether what people think about a person is true or not, what matters is that people think it is true.  If it is thought to be true then the person can take credit for it.  Likewise, I take credit for all the magical things said about me without commenting on the truthfulness of any of it.  I wouldn't want to disappoint Wilde.

Because some strange soul has decided to start this website about me, I must point you to it.  John H.D. Lucy  Clearly whoever has done this knows a bit about me, or at least has read my profile well enough to know where I went to seminary.  And they have either read into all of my writing well enough to know that I am Catholic by theology and practice--but not by actual membership, sad face--or they are simply assuming that my faith in God means that I follow the one true Church.  Either way I am eerily impressed with this person's knowledge of me.  Of course I appreciate whoever this is more-or-less starting my fan club and the legends of my life.  Legends are obviously necessary for every fan club and for the immortality of the famous person in question.  I guess I am now one step closer to immortality.  If you want to join in the fun, then you should check out the website.

Let's say that for some reason you are reading my blog but care nothing for me.  In that case, I still think that you should check out the website.  While there isn't much on the website quite yet, I can already tell that the creator is a writer and storyteller of immeasurable quality.  Seriously.  If you only care to read some good stories and good writing then I suggest you take a gander at the website.  It's fantastic stuff.

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