Thursday, April 11, 2013

When I'm Not Around

I haven't written in awhile... again.  There are two reasons, despite my alleged promise to write more about my trip and blah blah blah. 

First of all, for whatever reason, it would seem that the more I do not write, the more viewers I get.  So it makes sense that I would take frequent breaks, right? 

More importantly, I've been doing some real writing.  I've promised myself that as long as I'm writing for real I won't write on this blog, unless I really can't help myself.  Of course, I hate blogging, so I will always be able to help myself. 

Most importantly of all, I'm in a mode of revision.  Maybe not real writing, then, but I'm revising all the essays and things that I've written in the past ten months.  My two books, too.  And, thanks to all the great friends (and my great mother) my first book, 27 Million Revolutions for 27 Million Slaves, will finally be published soon, in the next two months or so.  It will have zero errors and a super cool cover.  I haven't actually seen the cover yet.  In fact, no one has.  The cover is still in production.  But it's production is being overseen by the best artist I know, soooooo... chances are 100% that it will be kick butt.

As long as I'm not writing, then, you know what's really going on.

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