Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It's post like the last one that should get you pumped for the promotion I'm offering.  So far only one person has met the requirements of the promotion: friend on Facebook, follower on Twitter, and fan on Goodreads (  Step up your game!

Remember, if you meet the requirements of the promotion by June 29th (my wedding date), you will be entered to win either free signed copies of both of my books and a signed copy of my next book or a chance to tell me, help, or influence parts of my writing.  See the original post on the promotion for more details. 

I understand that you may think this is no big deal, since I am just 26 years old and I'm not famous at all, and you may think that I have nothing much to say.  But, I'm only 26 years old.  I have plenty of time to make a mark... and I have already published two books.  And if I do make a name for myself, and you passed up this opportunity, won't you feel a little silly?  You have until the 29th of June!

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