Monday, January 7, 2013


I never knew you could get paid simply by writing some blog material.  I hate writing blogs, I really do, but I do it to make a name for myself and, hopefully, one day support myself through my writing.  The prospect of supporting myself through writing is rather dim but I won't ever give up.  At least, so I say now.  Anyway, apparently offers me an opportunity to write blogs and get paid, based on how many people view my content.  I can also get paid if I refer readers to Amazon products and then they go ahead and buy the product.  It's effin brilliant.

Of course, the worst thing I could ever do is write for a buck.  My life would be made much easier if I make money from writing, yes, but I have resisted against creating a LinkedIn account or anything similar precisely because I don't want to sell out in any way.  The decision to write with a mind to making money was a difficult one, but at the end of the day an easy one.

You see, I'm trying to sneak my way into various newspapers as a book reviewer.  It's a legitimate trade and exactly the type of thing I most want to do to supplement my main writing career.  As I was searching around for possible newspapers to query I came across the Hubpages phenomenon and realized that I could write my book reviews and get paid by Amazon at the same time.  It's effin brilliant.  I won't be doing anything other than what I already do (I review every book I read on, at the rate of approximately 2.4 books/week) and possibly generating revenue from it.  It's effin brilliant.

Okay.  Now your job is to view my content.  Think I might make something of myself as a writer?  Then help me get paid!  Just... wait a few days.  I haven't posted anything yet.  Let us start helping one another, eh?

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