Monday, January 14, 2013


(Okay, I originally wrote this on Friday, all of three days ago.  Apparently I'm a little slow on the trigger)

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of Jeopardy, except that I never add the exclamation point at the end.  One of the last things that I did while living in D.C. was to attend a special showing of Jeopardy at the DAR Convention Center.  It was great fun, and Trebek was hilarious.

In Jeopardy terms this past week has been an exciting one for me.  A young contestant named Ashok was a 4-day champ.  Just a few minutes into the show I turned to my mother and said, "This kid is going places!"  I thought that he'd win, yes, but mainly I was talking about life in general.  He's young, Indian (tan skin!), very good-looking, very stylish, and clearly incredibly smart.  Even if he's not good at a job various companies will probably still want to hire  him.  I've been cheering for him because, as a young man myself, I want to believe that a guy can start small and become great simply by taking advantage of opportunities.  It was with sadness that I bid him adieu last night when he lost.

More to the point, this week has been exciting because of the Jeopardy on-line test.  Not that I think I will ever find my way onto Jeopardy, but I love the show, can sometimes answer a number of the clues, and might as well try, eh?  After all, I am looking into various money-making opportunities recently to sustain my writing career.  Hub pages is one of those opportunities.  Find me on and click on all the ads, and I make money.  Do that as often as possible.  Of course, whatever money I earn from that type of system will be negligible for a year or two or three or four, but I might as well get started.  Meanwhile, I might as well take the test.  If I do work my way onto the show then I would be guaranteed $1,000.  That money would probably just barely cover my travel costs to get there but the experience would instantly boost my career.  Who doesn't want a Jeopardy contestant working for them?  Or who doesn't want a Jeopardy contestant trying to publish a book with them?  Ken Jennings is an abnormal case, true, but he can have (and has) any book he decides to write published simply because he's Ken Jennings.  If you've ever seen Magnolia, you know that a game-show mystique can last a person a lifetime.

Anyway, I took the Jeopardy on-line test last night instead of chatting up my girlfriend.  I'm probably a bad boyfriend.  Our six-month anniversary was the other day.  It's not good to say, "Hey, happy six months," and then ignore her.  At least, I don't think that's a good strategy for romance-making.  Whatever, I'm trying to rack up a mini-fortune for us.  I'm pretty sure that I failed miserably, though.  There were at least three answers that I knew but the pressure got to me.  Oh well.

Point is, as a writer, it would be best if I make tons of money and then live off the fortune for as long as possible.  I'm trying.

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