Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wedding Promotion

On 29 June 2014, I will be married to my life partner, Danielle Palardy.  That's in less than two months.  Since I am a writer trying to promote my ideas for the betterment of society--no, for the spiritual betterment of individuals, or at least for the provocation into thought of individuals to create stronger identities and intentions, I am offering a promotion as a little wedding favor to my readers or potential readers. 

Here it is: if, on my wedding date, a person is a follower of mine on Twitter @JohnHDLucy, a friend of mine on Facebook (John H.D. Lucy), and a fan of mine on Goodreads, then that person will be entered to win a free signed copy of each of my books.  If that person already owns both of my books, then they will win a free signed copy of my next publication and a special shout out in that next book.  I admit that my next publication may be a few years in the making because of my schedule, but I am not yet (almost!) twenty-seven years old with lots of writing in the works... there will be a next publication. 

If a winner so chooses, instead of receiving a signed copy of a book or two, the winner can instead have a say in in what I write.  The winner can choose either to pick a subject or a question for me to write an essay on, to create a character for a short story, or be a correspondent for the layperson's Bible commentary that I'm working on. 

Only one person can win the latter option.  And there will be more than one winner, hopefully.  The more people who participate in the promotion, the more winners.  There will be at least one winner, of course, but for every fifty people who follow (on Twitter), friend (on Facebook), and become a fan (on Goodreads), I will add another potential winner.  So, if there are 49 participants: one winner; 72 participants: two winners; 211 participants, five winners; and so on.  Get it?  Good.  The first winner will have first dibs on possibly choosing to influence what I write.  If they don't go for it, the next winner will get a chance.

Okay.  The promotion starts now.  You have about fifty days to get in on the action and win.  Ready, set, go!

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